Airgun Development and Disco Double / P-Rod Double Videos

Critter Gitter Airguns tests the Benjamin Marauder Pistol with P-Rod Double Kit, and the AR-style adjustable butt stock adapter

Mr. Hollowpoint Reviews the P-Rod Double

10,000 psi Pressure Test of P-Rod Double Tube

Disco Double Info Video (Tpatner412)

Installing the Disco Double Tube Kit (Tpatner412)

Disco Double - Accuracy and Shot Count! (Tpatner412)

The first version of the Disco Double kit, fitted to a highly modified .25 caliber Discovery, shooting 80FPE.

One of Lloyd's electronically controlled .458 caliber big bore airguns, shooting a string of seven 500FPE shots.

One of Lloyd's early maximum power experiments with a .25 caliber electronically controlled airgun, including one shot of 141FPE.